What's Holding You Back with Tracy J Trost on the Successful Life Mindset


What’s Holding You Back?

Tracy J Trost sits down with his close friend and counselor/pastor Mark Tietsort to learn about how Mark helps people to slow down so that God can help them find trigger thoughts, beliefs, and emotions in their lives and there by change their lives and get into a Successful Life Mindset.

Common Goal

Tracy told of meeting Mark about a year ago when they were introduced by a mutual friend. Tracy often speaks with people about making movies or the entertainment industry, so the meeting wasn’t unusual, but the friendship that grew from that meeting was unexpected.

Mark also remembers their first meeting. He found it a bit intimidating to talk to someone and ask their advice when that is usually what people ask him. He has a history in movies and acting, so when he was interested in getting Tracy’s advice, but it made him feel uneasy. He said when Tracy is in the room, it doesn’t go unchanged. Tracy challenged him to face his fears – something he usually helps other do.

It became clear that they have a common desire to help others become the best they can be in life. Tracy does this via his movies, his books, his facebook and twitter postings and this podcast. Mark, as a pastor, often counsels people. He helps them discover their trigger thoughts.

Trigger Thoughts

Trigger thoughts are the thoughts we have in our subconscious that cause us to react to situations the way we do. The behavior we default to in any situation. Even if the behavior is wrong or bad for us, we will default to the “easy”, the “normal”, the “comfortable”. People involved in abusive relationships will often stay because even though it is bad, leaving would introduce the unknown and the fear of the unknown is perceived to be worse. People want to feel safe/normal in their lives.

Tracy said one of his favorite scriptures is Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” God has given us the ability to change our lives by the renewing of our mind.

Mark said many times people turn to physiologists or psychiatrists to heal their “brain issues”, such as bi-polar or schizophrenia, when it is actually an emotion, the reason behind the behavior that is the real issue.

As an illustration, Mark told of a woman that came to him about habitual sexual behavior, even though she was a strong believer in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Her behavior was not consistent with her beliefs. He asked her what emotions she was feeling. She said anger and rage. He knew she was right, because he could feel her anger. He asked her to pray with him about her emotional state.

The Power of Prayer

As they prayed, asking God to bring out why she felt the rage, a memory from about age 8 came to her mind and she shrank down in the chair, crouching in pain of that memory. He asked her about it and she remembered being abused by her uncle. She blurted out that she hated her uncle, hated all men and couldn’t understand why God would allow her to be abused. She felt trapped. They prayed again and asked Christ to come to her memory and she immediately said the room went from dark to light – she felt the compassion of Christ for her situation. She was filled with the thought that her uncle abused her because he had been abused himself. She suddenly felt compassion for him – the uncle, just moments before she had hated. She said the hatred for him and for all men was gone. She felt she was chosen so her sister would be spared – there had been a reason. With the change of emotion, her life was changed.

Release your feelings

Tracy’s mother was married three times. The first two marriages were short, but she has been married many years to Don. Tracy had a feeling of inadequacy for many years, never knowing exactly why because he loves Don and Don loves him. Don adopted him. Don couldn’t be more his father unless he was flesh and blood. When he was 28, Tracy met with his biological father. He told him he was happy with the way things had turned out, essentially releasing his father from any guilt he may have felt for abandoning Tracy as a child. The strange thing is, when forgiving his biological father, his own feelings of inadequacy disappeared. It was something he apparently needed to do to finally get on with his own emotional well-being.

Often we feel like failures when it is usually the failing of someone else that should have saved us or protected us or loved us and we take the responsibility of their failing. The woman Mark counseled was released from the pain of her memory. The memory was still there – it happened and that can’t change, but how she reacts to men, how she feels about herself, and the release of the anger, rage, and shame associated with her memory is gone.

Last thoughts

Tracy asked Mark for his last thoughts to share. Mark said along with Tracy’s 3 keys to success, which are 1) believe, 2) write it down and 3) talk about it, he would add a fourth step of going from self-talk to talk with others – find someone to talk to, someone to trust. Don’t believe the lie. Find the truth.

Things to Remember

  • Find your trigger thought.
  • Learn the difference between behavior and emotion.
  • Don’t live the lie – find the truth and live your life successfully.

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