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A New Story, A New You

Tracy sits down with friend/counselor/pastor Mark Tietsort once again as they talk about helping people re-write their internal hard drive and break free from the past hurts, events, and emotions that are holding them back.

Changing Your Story Changes Your Life

As a pastor, councilor and teacher, Mark works with people to identify where things are coming from in their lives.  From the moment we’re created, our subconscious begins to process every event that happens and files in our brains (our hard-drives) how we feel about, the emotions we attach to each event.  When something happens, our brain goes to what we know about that and brings back a memory (good or bad) about our “story”.  A song might bring back a memory of an activity or event that we associate with that song.  We can close our eyes and relive that moment in time.  Our subconscious is waiting for assignments.  When an event occurs, it triggers the subconscious to go into the hard-drive to see how to react; what emotions to associate with that file – happy, sad, fear or something else.  God created our hard-drives along with the rest of us, but we are the ones that write the files.  All of our present life is based on reacting to the memories of our past, or writing new memories as new events occur.  Mark uses prayer and counseling to help people rewrite their stories when the story/memory is not true.

Who’s Story Are You Living?

When Tracy and a friend were working on a mechanical project as a teen, he and his dad had a conversation about the project, which led his dad to ask what Tracy wanted to do with his future.  Tracy responded that he’d like to be a mechanic.  His dad laughed and said he didn’t want to burst Tracy’s bubble, but he simply wasn’t a mechanic person.  Tracy’s subconscious filed that “truth” away and Tracy distanced himself from his passion/dream of doing something mechanical.  Sometime later, a college counselor asked him a similar question about his future plans and he pulled out the “I’m not mechanical” memory from his hard-drive and made a joke saying “something mechanical”, then went on to say he was joking that he’s not mechanical.  The counselor asked him why he felt that way, which forced him to reexamine that “truth”.  He thought about it and decided that maybe it wasn’t true.  When a girl needed her car fixed, he was able to fix it and began working at a garage while working during college.  He discovered that he had let his dad’s opinion of his abilities become “truth” in his own mind.  So, when an event happens that triggers a negative belief, we need to ask ourselves what do we believe about the situation and is it true.

Rewriting Our Story

The ability to retrain our minds is one of the tools in the toolbox God has given each of us.  We don’t have to live the story we or someone else has written about us.  We can reexamine our beliefs, each time they are triggered negatively and decide if our current belief is true or false.  If it is not true, we have the ability to rewrite that file in our hard-drive with the real truth.

Mark uses emotions, triggered by events that happen to those that seek his counsel, to help guide how they react to events; to help them rewrite their story and begin reacting with truth.

What Emotion Triggered Your Story?

Emotions brought on by our core beliefs – those things we have filed away – are often the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential for living a successful life.

Mark shared a story about what held him back from pursuing a dream of getting back into film work.  About a year before he met with Tracy, he was struggling with a fear of not being good enough to return to working on films.  Mark took his struggle to God.  He asked God why am I so afraid, where does my fear come from.  A memory came to him from a time when he was about 7 years old.  His dad told him to mow the patch of grass next to the glass shop the family owned.  As he mowed, bits of glass scrap embedded in the lawn would fly up and nick him.  His mother came to the rescue and told him to stop.  His dad said the job wasn’t done, that Mark couldn’t do anything right.  The feeling of failure – the fear of failing anything he tried – was written to his hard-drive as truth.  He felt worthless.  Mark asked God to show him the truth in the story.  God put on his heart that the truth was that job was too big for 7 year old Mark.

For Tracy, the emotion of being a disappointment to his father, held him back from exploring his dream of doing mechanical work.  For Mark, the emotion of fear and failing, held him back from exploring his dream of getting back into film.  Once Tracy and Mark rewrote their files with truth rather than the opinion of others, those negative emotions were gone.

Trigger Thoughts

The thoughts that are triggered are often more about what others think about us than truth.  We need to get to a place where we don’t feel the need to please others.  It is a matter of retraining our minds.  We are all creations, not mistakes, accidents or anything else.  God had thought, purpose and intention when we were created.

Tracy’s mom was pregnant at sixteen and had to leave high school and the state until after he was born.  Although he was born in an era that had a very shameful stigma associated with unwed mothers, when he became a follower of Jesus Christ, he now understands the love God has for each of us.  When his own first child was born, he reformulated his thinking about how much God loves him, so he no longer needed the approval of others.  It has come over time, but he now knows he must only please himself and God.

His quest for wisdom over the last 10 years brought him to the truth that life isn’t about us; it’s all about helping others.  Sharing what we’ve learned and helping others become all they can be reaching both quality and success in their lives.  When it’s all about you, you are never fulfilled.  When it’s about others it gives you freedom.  When you live to please others, they control your life.

Mark was involved in the family business, but didn’t feel it was enough – it felt shallow, self-centered.  Those emotions put him on a quest to discover his desires.  He found he needed to help others to feel fulfilled himself.

Last thoughts   

Slow down and look at the most meaningful times in your life.  They were probably when you were helping others.

Things to Remember

  1. Examine your emotions for their core.
  2. Rewrite any beliefs that are no longer true.
  3. Helping others is a key to finding fulfillment in your own life.

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