Making Your Mountains Move Part 2 with Chuck Morrison and Tracy J Trost on the Successful Life Mindset


Making Your Mountains Move

Tracy J Trost concludes his session with Chuck Morrison, from Make Your Mountains Move, and how to move mountains in your own life.

Right, right, right

The purpose of The Successful Life Mindset podcast is help people learn to live their life to its greatest potential.  Each of us has a great amount of potential, but there are tricks to achieving our dreams; our passions.  The secret lies in learning how to retrain your mind.  We all carry on conversations in our mind, roughly ten times more often than the conversations we carry on with others.  Change occurs when we can retrain the voice in our head.  That one that usually dictates our actions/reactions to daily situations.

There is a program in life that is like a scale.  We try to balance our thinking with our actions, but we really need to start with the thinking and expand on that.  Right thinking leads to right actions, which in turn, lead to right results.

I Challenge You

Chuck has a challenge he issues his listeners that he calls the 7-day “Don’t Complain Challenge”.  For seven days, don’t complain either in your head or aloud.  When you find yourself going down the wrong road and let negativity creep into your thoughts, re-take the challenge.  What you focus on is what you attract.  Focus on the positive and positive things come into your life.

Tracy feels we should really focus on people rather than things.  We can build relationships with people.  Life is more than about who we are, it’s about other people.  Tracy issued a challenge of his own – each day, for 7 days, call someone just to say, “I appreciate you.”  Life is all about sowing and reaping.

Faith vs. Worry

Our core beliefs are those things we believe to be true, regardless of whether or not they are true.  When you have faith, it says, “I believe the best is going to happen”.  When you worry, it says, “I believe the worst is going to happen”.  Worrying is like praying for what you do not want.  Focus on the best.  Focus on the positive.  When you believe the best, when you have faith, your actions will reflect those positive beliefs.

Tracy virtually examines his core beliefs when necessary.  If his brain tells him he can’t or shouldn’t try, or something else negative, he “takes” out the file in his brain and examines the situation that originally causes him to think that thought.  If it was someone else’s opinion, or it is no longer true, he “crumples” that old belief and rewrites the file and puts it back in his brain.  His new core belief is that he can do it, he should try, and he will be successful.  His brain may need to review that new belief a couple of times before it becomes his new core belief that controls his action/reaction to the situation, but eventually it becomes natural to react based on the positive belief.

We are ALL Annoying

When we are annoyed by something that someone else does, a personality trait or negative virtue, look within yourself.  You will find that same trait.  At first, we don’t want to believe it, but if we honestly look hard enough, we’ll find it.  Once we make a conscious decision to remove that action/habit from our own lives there are steps we need to take.  Chuck has three basic steps to rid us of our faults:  1) Say to yourself NO MORE, and mean it, 2) Learn from the fault, become a better person, and 3) Truly commit to releasing it from your life.  Paraphrasing Tony Robbins, “A decision has not been made until there is action upon it.”

Affecting or Infecting Others? 

We must make a deliberate choice to affect others and allow them to affect us, or to infect others and allow them to infect us.  Focus on the positives in life.  Don’t let negative people infect you with their negativity.  One way to do this is focus on the reward, the relationship, the achievement, the outcome of the challenges in life rather than focusing on the process, the action needed, the obstacles to overcome, the barriers to tear down.  To make this work, you need to establish a goal or set of goals in life.

Tracy’s friend, Jim Stovall once said people do more planning for a 3-day vacation than they do for the rest of their lives.  If they don’t know their dreams for life, how will they ever achieve them?  People need to be clear on their passion, that thing that drives them.  They need to get the doubts and fears out of the way and refuse to place limitations on themselves.  They need to physically write down their plans and ideas will come to them.  They need to take inspired actions to make it happen.  They need to stay incessant and persistent to get it done.  Nothing is impossible.  Even when walking in a fog, when it is difficult to see 100 feet ahead, if you keep moving forward, you will eventually reach your destination.  Don’t let your current circumstances keep you from reaching your goal.

Things to Remember

  • Listen to and follow your dreams.
  • Keeping moving forward – even through the fog.
  • Take the two 7-day challenges and improve your life!

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