Stop Making Excuses and Start Working with Tracy J Trost and Simon T Bailey


Challenge Yourself with Being Uncomfortable

Simon T. Bailey, noted speaker and author, joins Tracy J Trost on today’s podcast.  They talk about Simon’s own amazing life story of living in a drug-infested community as a college dropout making $5.10 an hour to becoming a leader at Disney and now traveling the world to speak to major corporations and write books.

Release Your Brilliance

Tracy shared how Simon’s book, “Release Your Brilliance”, ultimately led Tracy to film making.  Simon’s book has a chapter about living your dream.  Tracy’s employees all read the book and discussed that chapter.  Tracy asked them what they would do if they could do anything.  After the discussion, one employee came to Tracy and asked him what his dream was – what would he be doing if he could do anything.  Tracy answered “making films” immediately.  From that, came Tracy’s first movie, “Find Me”, and then “A Christmas Snow”, an award-winning movie that is currently in its second season as a successful stage play in Branson, MO. and finally, “The Lamp”.  Tracy recommends the book, “Release Your Brilliance”, to everyone.  You can learn how to take steps to live your dreams.

The Beginning of Simon’s Story

Simon and his parents lived in Buffalo, NY.  His parents took him to Atlanta, GA. to begin his first year of college.  By the end of his freshman year, they called and told him they not only had no funds for the rest of his college degree, but they didn’t have the funds to get him and bring him back home.  At a loss as to what to do, found a job making $5.10 an hour and moved into a drug-infested community – the only place he could afford.  He was offered a job at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Buckhead, but felt he wasn’t good enough so he turned it down.  He said we don’t see things as they really are, we see things as we think we are.  Eventually, his life turned around, he worked for Disney.  He left after 7 years to pursue a new dream and hasn’t looked back.

Learning About Ourselves

One day Simon attended an event where he met a man from Xerox.  The man was impeccably dressed with French cuffs and links to highly polished wing tips.  He taught Simon the power of perception.  The man asked him what he was reading.  Simon thought to himself, with a dead-end job, no degree and living surrounded by people on drugs, the simple answer was “nothing”.  The man saw something in Simon.  He invited him to lunch.  They met every three or four weeks for lunch and Simon learned all he could.  The man fed him positive thoughts about dreams and becoming anything he could dream if he applied himself.  Simon began reading books like “Think and Grow Rich”, among others.  The books and the affirmation from the man of the possibilities within himself changed Simon.  Simon began to think positively.  He made a plan to finish college and did it on the “10-year” plan.  He had to work his way through school and it wasn’t easy, but he went on to get a masters.  When they went to a Ed Lewis Kohl conference together, Mr. Kohl said if anyone felt they were called to communicate a message to the world they should come up on the platform.  Simon was filled with a resounding YES to the question and ran up to the stage.  Later, the man told Simon he could see Simon was on fire with the desire to go in that direction with his life.  He saw something in Simon and supported him and encouraged him.  Look at the five people around you and you will see your future.  Put yourself in circles where you are uncomfortable – that’s where you will meet/bump into people from which you can learn.

The Rest of the Story

Next, Simon met his future wife.  When it’s time for you to go to a different dimension in your life, you can tell by the people that come into your life.  Who you’re supposed to become and what you are to move toward is influenced by those people.  Simon said his wife married a diamond in the rough and 20 years later they have grown together.  They moved to Orlando, several jobs and a 2-year process later, Simon secured a job at Disney.  He held several positions for the corporation and enjoy it very much, but sometimes you have to move on.  When being in your comfort zone becomes uncomfortable, you need to make plans and realize that this was a comma in your life, not a period.  Although he was offered several excellent positions, both within and outside of Disney, he turned them all down to follow his passion to communicate a message to the world.  He began speaking to corporations (without compensation in the beginning) to build a reputation and a clientele list.  He also wrote books (available on  He has become successful following his dream.  He left the security of a “real” job and never looked back.

The Secret Sauce to Change Your Story

Don’t focus on what didn’t happen, but what CAN happen.  Feed your subconscious positive thoughts.  It is always working and gives you back what you feed it.  Read positive motivational books and ask yourself, how am I going to apply this today?  Then ask yourself three things:

  1. What am I thinking EVERY DAY?
  2. What am I saying EVERY DAY?
  3. What am I doing EVERY DAY?

The key is to focus in the direction you want to go.  Your life will always go in the direction of your most dominate thoughts.  You wouldn’t have the capacity to have the dream of something if you didn’t already have what it took to obtain it!  Go out DAILY and make it happen.

Things to Remember

  • If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Use the “Secret Sauce” on a DAILY basis.
  • These tools work for everyone – it will work if you work it!
  • Stop making excuses and start working for what you want.

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