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Move Your Life in a New Direction

In this week’s episode of the Successful Life Mindset, host Tracy J Trost sits down with nationally recognized speaker and author Simon T Bailey to discuss his latest book the Vuja de Moment and how you can learn to move your life in a new direction.

The Vuja de Moment

When you’ve drawn a line in the sand and you decide it’s time to do something different.  When it’s too uncomfortable to stay in your comfort zone, when you reach a point where you say enough is enough, it’s time to shift gears, it’s time to move in a fresh direction and unleash your inner salmon and swim upstream that’s when you’ve reached your vuja de moment.  The vuja de moment is when you decide the future is going to be better than the present and do something to change it.

See What Others Are Missing

People know so much about what they know that they are the last to see the future differently.  If you are going to shift from average to brilliant, you can’t wait for things to happen.  You need to ask yourself these questions:  Where am I?  How did I get here?  Where do I want to go?  Essentially, you need to map out your flight plan of life and figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there.  You also need to find out why that place in life is important.

How to Ignite a Fresh Vision

Look at all you have accomplished.  Examine what works, what needs to shift a little, and what needs to go away.  To see things differently can change the world.  Steve Jobs walked into Xerox and where others saw copiers, he saw the potential to put a computer on every desk.  Leverage, retool, repackage what’s right in front of you and make it something new.  That was Steve Job’s vision, not Xerox.  We need to look at things differently and find what we see differently and say, “How can I flip this around?” to ignite a fresh vision.  The iPod disrupted the movie industry, the music business and technology in general.  The Walkman is actually the grandfather of the iPod, but Apple saw it differently and their fresh vision turned the world upside down.

Many times the idea is not necessarily new, but the application is new.  Other times, our mindset has changed and we now see/think/act different and produce a new set of needs in our lives.  We need to grab hold of the steering wheel of our life and drive into our future, or everything and everyone else will drive us into our future.  We can have an owner mentality and do the driving or allow ourselves to take on a victim mentality and be driven by others.

You are Responsible to Fuel Your Mind

We need to take responsibility for our own growth and development so we can reach our full potential.  Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.  We need to fuel our minds to increase our brilliance.  “Chunk it down” and read 15 minutes a day – EVERY DAY.  We should read something that inspires us, and then ask ourselves how to apply or act on what we’ve read and finally, how can we measure our growth to see how the application or action is working.

Every system has its own language, its own terms.  We are a system.  What works, and are we using that to create our future.  How do we say those words to make things happen?  You can’t decide what will happen to you, but you can decide how you will react/adjust upon things when they happen.  Take control.  Intentionally adopt new habits to shift from average to brilliant.  Ask yourself how are you using your time, your energy and are you surrounding yourself with people that will move you forward, not hold you back.  Change something every single day to make it happen.

The Power of Doing Things for Others

What goes around comes around.  Pay it forward.  Give away what you need the most.  These are foreign concepts to most people, but as the Bible says in Acts, it is more blessed to give than to receive, and it’s true.  Simon gave an example of this.  He went through the tollbooth every day for about a year and a half paying his toll and the toll for the car behind him.  One day last week he stopped to pay the toll and the attendant told him to go on through; the person ahead of him paid his toll!  The feeling was great!

When we focus on ourselves, our world is only as big as we are, but when we begin to focus on others and how we can help them, it opens our world and it becomes huge.  The truth is, when you start to move forward and change your mindset to move ahead, people and opportunities will seek you out.

The moment one commits oneself then providence leads to all sorts of things.  Things begin to merge and come to you.

Things to Remember

  • Learn to see things differently.
  • When it comes to your future – plan the work; work the plan.
  • Read and apply what you learn on a DAILY basis.

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