Life is Short, Eat Dessert First with Robert D Smith and Tracy J Trost


Celebration Leads to Success

In this week’s episode of the Successful Life Mindset, host Tracy J Trost sits down with author Robert D Smith to talk about his story, how he and best-selling author and speaker Andy Andrews met and his secrets to living a successful and happy life.

Tracy met Robert about 7 years ago.  Tracy read a book by Andy Andrews and sent an email to his organization to say how much he enjoyed it.  Robert not only replied, but also sent Tracy every book by Mr. Andrews.  Tracy responded with his thanks, and that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

Chance Meeting of a Lifetime

Robert left St. Petersburg, Florida for Birmingham, Alabama.  Before going, he contacted the youth pastor of a church he knew he would be attending in AL.  The pastor asked Robert to do some counseling at youth camp before college started.  At that camp, he met Andy Andrews.  They hit it off.

Andy wanted to be a comedian.  He wanted Robert to be his manager.  Robert said no, he didn’t even know what a manager for a comedian did.  Andy kept after him for several days and finally told him, to think of him as a book or a piece of stainless steel medical equipment – just go out and sell him.  That Robert understood and it’s been over 33 years of a professional working relationship between them.

Playing a Game

Of course, there were pitfalls along the way.  Mostly a lot of “No” responses when Robert tried to book a comedian on the collegiate circuit.  Robert decided to make it into a game.  His goal was to get 30 no replies a day.  He would deliberately call on colleges that specifically said they did not want a comedy act.  He would call them and say, I represent a comic and want to verify that you definitely don’t want a comedian for your show.  Would you like to book Andy?  He would get a “no”.  He’d call the next college.  He would continue and inevitably, he would come across a college that would say you know we were just talking about that and we’ve changed our minds.  We are interested in a comic.  In all the years before Andy became sought after, Robert never reached his goal of 30 no replies.  Finally, Andy was in demand and college and universities started calling them.  Playing the game took the fear out of getting a rejection.  After all, rejection became the goal.  Most people don’t want the little things in life, they want bigger and bigger successes and they fail to celebrate the little steps along the way.  You need to celebrate all forward progress in life and then focus so you can do it again.  You need to focus on your passion in life.


Robert is passionate about setting goals and accomplishing them.  He is passionate about helping people improve their lives.  He asks them to ask themselves – If this were your last day; would it have been your best?  Your mission every day is to change your life to improve yourself.

God wrote a message on the wall for King Belshazzar and Robert wanted a message too.  What would God tell him if it were a twitter message with only 140 characters. Robert’s answer was just two questions to ask yourself throughout the day, 1) What’s important now?, and 2) What’s next?  When you know the answer to each, go DO it!

If you want to make your dream come true, but don’t know where to start, read books.  Talk to others about how the steps they took to get where they are.


Life is uncertain – eat dessert first.  There is always something to celebrate.  Celebrate life!  Focus on the positives and get where you want to be.

Things to Remember

  • Lose the fear.
  • Ask yourself every day, “What’s important now?” and “What’s next?”
  • Celebrate life!

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